ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass

A New Solution to Bird Strike from Roeder glass partner, Arnold Glas  

Hundreds of millions of birds are killed every year due to collisions with glass surfaces.  It is the reflective and transparent characteristics of glass that make windows and facades invisible killers.  Birds see the trees or sky reflected in a window or behind the glazing, but not the glass itself; it is not recognized as a barrier. To prevent these collisions, the glass must be made visible to birds.

Knowing that birds possess the ability to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, ARNOLD GLAS has developed ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass.  The glass has a patterned UV reflective coating making it visible to birds while maintaining transparency to the human eye.

ORNILUX has been tested by the Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology at the Ornithological Station in Radolfzell, Germany resulting in a significant reduction of bird strikes in comparison to standard double glazing.

As a multi-functional glass, the patented and unique ORNILUX is the only transparent solution to bird strike, and can be supplied as laminated glass or in a double glazed, insulated configuration with high energy efficiency performance attributes.

First introduced in Europe in 2006, ORNILUX is now available in North America.  ORNILUX Mikado, with its crisscross patterned coating is nearly invisible to the human eye.

For more information, please visit the ORNILUX website at www.ornilux.com.

 What We See   What the Birds See

ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass selected as BuildingGreen Top-10 Product for 2010

ORNILUX featured in New York Times Sunday Business Section.  Click here to view online version or download a pdf of the article below.

U.S. Contact: 805.895.9436  lisa.welch@arnold-glas.de

more information:  www.ornilux.com

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